What is the X:Files Edition?

Many of you that have found this site already know what the X:Files Edition is. But I’m sure there are some of you that have been linked here or otherwise have stumbled across this site. Either way let me explain.

The X:Files Edition is a project that myself and GaMeR started on for Windows Home Server. If you are familiar with the product (and if you are not, you should look into it), then you may be familiar with a number of it’s shortcomings. If not, let me go into them anyways. First of all, Windows Home Server is based off of Server 2003 R2, which is definitely an older operating system. And because of it, it lacks a lot of drivers for more “modern” hardware. Like anything released since 2006. Seriously. And then there is the fact that there are about 60 updates to download and install for Server 2003, and another 3-4 for Home Server specifically, depending on your system. This all means that you may spend a couple days getting the software to install on your server, to begin with. And even once you’ve got that going, it’s going to be another 3-4 hours or more updating everything! And not to mention, once that is done, you’re going to have to install all your programs and add-ins again. So, 5-6 days later, you’re server will be up and running just like you want.

Seeing an issue here? Yeah, I thought so. So did we. So we set off to update the Server Installation media to help with these issues. But even that’s not as straight forward as we would like. It uses a fairly complicated, multi-stage installer. So each part of the installation process has to be updated and modified. And then we needed a way to allow customization of what extras get installed. Needless to say, this isn’t a simple process. It takes hours to prep an image, and more to test if it even works properly. So, yes a lot of personal time has gone into each of these releases.

And every time somebody thanks us for releasing our customized version, it makes it worth it. Heck, I know I appreciate it every time I have to reinstall!

Author: Drashna Jael're

Drashna Jael're

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