X:Files Edition – Server Installation v1.5

Well, it’s finally here! No seriously, we’ve finished it.


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Well, it’s finally here! No seriously, we’ve finished it.

What have we changed?

We are no longer including updates. Sorry.  But this was cause too many issues.  And by chance, I stumbled upon why. During the last part of the installation, right before WHS installs it’s specific components, the setup program goes out and grabs and installs a lot of updates.  So if they were integrated, it would break the installation and fail to finish installing.  And because of this also, it makes it almost pointless for us to include and install the updates later.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We have included a few updates.  Namely, .NET Framework 3.5, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Desktop Search 4.0 (and the hotfix that comes with PP3 Beta).  And we have a couple other updates being installed, such as the Server 2003 Resource kit and the WHS Toolkit Add-in v1 (you know, the good one).

And most importantly, we still have Windows Media Player 11 and all of it’s updates integrated into the OS.


Drivers have been integrated into both parts of the installation, so it should work fine with most (but not all) hardware.  If it doesn’t work with your hardware, let us know on the Tracker section.

We are using the Vista driverpacks from DriverPack.net for chipsets (907), lan (907) and mass storage (907).  And we’re using the latest packs for chipset, LAN, mass storage, sound and gfx, I believe.


We’ve updated and added a few addins. Including the WHSPHP Installer addin from Nigel Wilks and myself.  But as to what we now have installed:

  • AutoExit 2009
  • Duplication Info
  • Event Viewer
  • GridJunction
  • LightsOut
  • P80 v2.0.5
  • Remote Alert
  • Router Control
  • Tab Reorderer
  • TaskViewer
  • uTorrent
  • WebFolders4WHS
  • Whiist
  • WHS BDBB v1.0.2.2
  • WHS Customizer
  • WHS Disk Management v1.0.9.8
  • WHS PHP v1.04 and MySQL Installer
  • WHS Port Forward
  • WHSWidget

These are all the latest versions of the add-ins at the time of release and all should be uninstallable.


Now that you’ve got all those goodies to look forward to, what else could you want!?  We’ve added a few things like Unlocker, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v5.3.0, the LLTD responder, Drive Balancer 1.0.5, and System Restore.

For those with Reinstallation issues with 1.4.x, it was because System Restore was getting installed too soon, and causing the drives to get locked so they couldn’t be mapped properly. Sorry about that for anyone that experienced this.  But now, it doesn’t get installed until the OOBE screen appears, so there should be no issues at all.

Oh, did I mention there is an option to set up your WHS as a time server? You’ll have to forward the ports on your router to access it externally, but it should work 100% internally without any extra work. (uses port 123, upd and tcp).


For the most important part, the download links!


Author: Drashna Jael're

Drashna Jael're

21 thoughts on “X:Files Edition – Server Installation v1.5”

  1. Hy nice to see you finished the project 😉 I hope that there is no errors like in previous versions, will be testing it in the near future.

  2. Jerry, I can’t gaurentee that, but I’ve tried to clean up any potential issues and fixed all the ones that we have had. That’s part of why there are there are only about 5 updates installed now.

  3. Hello just found your site whilst looking for a test version of home server, downloading your version now, was wondering if you wanted a free UK mirror for euro downloads?

    Regarding your version, I still need a legit key I am guessing? But can I install it without key to test it?



  4. I downloaded the torrent 1.5 and the 1.4.1 files and wrote them to DVD and they will not boot. tried several different computers. my oem whs will boot fine. any idea here or wheree would be the best place to ask.

  5. What did you use to write the ISO to DVD? And can you boot from any other burned disks? It could just be your dvd drive. Also, have you tried using a USB flash drive?

    Also, if you have any other questions/comments/issues, please take them to bbpress.breakinghomeserver.com so they can be tracked better.

  6. I treid to install but after windows loaded the files and the X:files backgroud turns up a warning turns up and says could not accecs ui subsystem???!!!???

    Any clue

  7. Is there something I need to do to get into the bugtracker? I get redirected back to the home page when I go to bbpress.breakinghomeserver.com …..

  8. Just installed 1.5 none of the add ins work and I can’t uninstall them…Do I need to enable something?

  9. Trying to install on a Dell Dimension c521, the installation fails when trying to install an nVidia control panel. This model has a 6150LE onboard.

    Is there anything I can do to help you zero in on this problem and work out it’s kinks? 🙂

    Thank you for all of your MUCH APPRECIATED hard work!!

  10. My install blue screens after the restart when the files are copied. It says Starting Windows then dies. I am using intel matrix storage raid 1. I assume that is the problem. I dont have a floppy drive. What can i do?

  11. yeah, I think the intel matrix drivers got messed up somehow. short of pulling the disk out and messing around… you’re stuck. I’m very sorry about that.
    As soon as i can get ahold of a PP3 disk, i’m going to rebuilt the entire disk again, but that will likely be early january before i really get a chance to sit down and rebuild it. in the mean while, you could use the slipstream wiki tutorial at WGS to rebuild the “SVR_2003” folder, which is the cause of the issue.

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for your contributions to the WHS community. I have a first gen HP MediaSmart Server. Since then, I know there have been newer releases of the WHS server software. Which version is this built on top of and will it work with my HP MSS?

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