WHS Client Restore 1.3

Due to a build up of enough “missing drivers” in the client restore disk, I’ve updated and re-released the XFiles Edition Client Restore disk.  This should contain most, if not all the missing drivers that people have reported. If it doesn’t, please leave a comment with the specific chipset, and if possible a link to the successful version you used.

Due to a build up of enough “missing drivers” in the client restore disk, I’ve updated and re-released the XFiles Edition Client Restore disk.  This should contain most, if not all the missing drivers that people have reported. If it doesn’t, please leave a comment with the specific chipset, and if possible a link to the successful version you used.

If you want a full list of the drivers we used, they are available at driverpacks.net as those are the packs we used. They are updated regularly (well, at least as regularly as XFiles Edition is, or more often) and very good about pruning bad drivers, it seems.  We used the LAN 10.03, Mass Storage 10.03 and the WLAN 10.04 packs.  Just as a warning, WLAN will only work if it’s an unsecured (no passphrase) network.

This release is based on the PP3 media and includes a “vista console” with equally updated drivers.

Torrent: Link (Demonid)
Torrent File: Link (local)
Direct: Flash Drive RAR file: link, RARed ISO: link
UseNet: Flash Drive Rar: nzb, ISO: nzb

Author: Drashna Jael're

Drashna Jael're

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  1. Thanks very much for creating this iso! It seems to work perfectly on my system although I didn’t actually do a restore. Just trying to be prepared.

  2. Drashna,

    Thank you for your suggestion “before using this, have you tried to “re-register” command for the COM stuff (should be listed on the MSFT forums for WHS)? That fixes it for most people.”

    This is the command I found:
    winmgmt /resyncperf
    It seemed to clear up the “cqvSvc.exe” problems I was seeing.

    My faith in WHS is less than it was a week ago.

    re: Flash Drive download – WHS Client Restore 1.3

    How do I use the files in the RAR to make the flash drive bootable?

    Is there something that first must be done to the flash drive before I copy the files in the RAR to the flash drive?

    Thanks for being here!

  3. Yeah, that issue has been there since the early betas of PP3, and they never bothered to “fix” it. I couldn’t remember the command, because I’ve been using the “pp3” install disk since I figured out how to make it OEM instead of eval (what I use in XFiles Edition). It doesn’t have the problem or at least MUCH LESS likely to occur.

    As for the flash drive: http://wiki.wegotserved.com/index.php?title=Install_Windows_From_a_USB_Flash_Drive

  4. The downloadlinks don’t work anymore, does anyone know a place where I can download the latest version?


  5. So very helpful!!! Just did a restore that would not work with the OEM CD or download from MS. Suspected it was a driver problem. Client Restore 1.3 worked like a charm!
    Too big for CD? Yep, went bootable DVD, no problem.
    Will hit “donate” next pay for sure.
    Will seed as long as possible.

    Many Thanks

  6. Awesome, thanks a bunch for putting this together – the standard CD was failing on a EeePC (not initializing the network driver properly). Your restore disc worked perfectly, and it’s so much more convenient to have a universal restore USB key!


  7. Simply beautiful. After spending a whole day trying to restore my laptop using the original restore CD and several drivers from the internet your ISO just came up to save my life. I was able to boot from a flash drive with it. Great job. I will contribute, for sure. Thanks!!

  8. Hi Drashna

    Sadly this didn’t work for me and I am now stumped – it boots Ok – finds Network drivers, HDD drivers Ok, I am trying a full restore – found our server, found the backups – found the partition images – all OK – ‘An Unknown Network error .. . ‘ message – same as the MS WHSRestoreCD. I am using an ethernet cable to the same home plug as the server – so speed should be adequate – fast wifi .n also on.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next?


  9. Whilst browsing the MS suppor tpages I found this in the documentation:
    If you are restoring from a 64-bit computer the drivers that are stored in the backup will be 64-bit. These will not function with the 32-bit restore CD. Therefore it is may be necessary to obtain 32-bit versions of the network driver and storage-device drivers for your 64-bit computer, while doing a restore of your home computer.
    I am restoring win7 x64 setup – could that explain my problems?

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ve spent hours trying to get this to work and your iso did the job perfectly!

    Couldn’t have done it without you!

  11. Worked like a charm when the standard MS image would not. Replaced a bad HD on an HP G72 and used this to do a complete restore of WIN7 64-bit from WHS.

  12. I was beating my head against the wall trying to get the drivers for the NC on my MSI NF980-G65 motherboard. I am running Win 7 64 BIT and all I wanted to do was restore to a larger hard drive. You Dual Boot CD with all the drivers did the trick. Thank you!!!!!!

  13. Awesome! Same as everyone above. OEM or MS recovery disk, no dice on my Lenovo S10. Your disk fixed me right up – restore is taking plae right now. I was starting to get into a panic before I found your site.

  14. Sent you $5 via PayPal, then I realized you were in the UK. Won’t even buy you a decent pint of beer at your local. Sorry. Busted-broke American. 🙂

  15. @daguerrotype: Sorry, but that’s wrong. The WHSv1 Restore disk is 32 bit only. Which means it CANNOT use 64bit drivers. Period. It has to have 32-bit drivers to work. However, WHS dumps the 64bit drivers into the “Windows Home Server Restore Drivers” folder. They don’t work unless it’s a 32bit OS. If you don’t believe me on any of this, load up the Windows AIK, and try to integrate the x64 drivers into the image. It *will* fail. If the XFiles Edition Client Restore disk isn’t working, it may be because you’re device is newer and doesn’t have the drivers in the driverpack I’ve used. Please email me/post a comment here and I’ll see about adding it.

    @PiddlyD: Thanks! I had a S10, decent machine, and yeah, I know that the XFiles Edition works on it. 🙂 Oh, despite the .co.uk email, I am also a broke American! the uk email is because the We Got Served website is originally a .co.uk site, and I’m part of the forum staff there. Heck, that’s why I started *this* site (partially to prevent the owner from getting in trouble from Microsoft). 🙂
    And the donations are absolutely appreciated. Very much so. And every little bit adds up and helps a lot!

    @everyone else: Thanks for the praises!

  16. Drashna,
    I am trying to restore backup from a Windows7 64-bit Gateway SX-2800 and I was able to load a 32-bit driver for the NIC to a USB stick and saw the server and the backup files. I couldn’t use the Recovery CD wizard, because I would get “An unknown network error…” I skipped the wizard and am trying manually, and it started working, but is now about 1/2 done after 12 hours… I hesitate to stop it, but would this CD take care of my issue? It seems like it may be a SATA driver issue or something goofy.. Do I just need to make my USB disk bootable and copy the ISO to the USB?


    Any advise?

  17. ToddM: If it’s taking that long, I’d say just leave it hand hope it doesn’t fail at 24 hours (likely because that is when most DHCP leases expire and this causes restores to botch). If it does error out, I’d *highly* recommend grabbing my ISO/Zip. There is a tutorial on how to make a USB bootable at We Got Served. Just follow that (or use the Win7USB-DVD Tool), and that should work. Just don’t use the “Less that 512MB of RAM” as it won’t work off of USB.

    The Drivers I use in my stuff is all from DriverPacks.net and they test for the most reliable versions (as in not always the most up to date, but the version that works the best)

    Hope that helps.

  18. Drashna,

    I am having the same problem as @daguerrotype. I am trying to fully restore a 64 bit Win 7 computer with Ra realtek RTL 8111 NIC card. I had no success trying to install a 32 bit version and could not even see my server. I found your site and made a bootable image of your 1.3 X:files edition. It boots great, can see my server now, can see the back ups and partition info. It lets me select everything as I want it and then starts the restore process. It tells me it should take approx 1 hr – after approx 15 minutes, I get an “Unknown network error hgas occured during PC restore”. I have tried it 4 times now and each time has the same result – Any thoughts on what I can do?

  19. @Todd, check the DHCP lease time on your router. That’s usually the culprit in such a case. If that doesn’t work, make sure the NIC driver on the server is up to date, has jumbo frames disabled and any setting with “Checksum” or “Offload” is disabled too. Those should help.

  20. Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 (rev. 2.1)

    Using the same thumb drive with lan and SATA RAID drivers, I can get the regular WHS restore disk to see my RAID arrays, but not my server. This Xfiles disk can see my server but locks up when adding my RAID drivers. Sigh..

    Haha, actually while typing this finally got the WHS default disk to see my server. Was using the wrong LAN drivers. I wonder why the Xfiles disk locks up when loading the same RAID driver that the regular disk has no trouble with?

    1. Are your trying to add the drivers yourself, during the restore wizard? If so, that’s the problem. If not, you happen to have an ICH chipset, especially the ich10 chipset? This chipset seems to have driver issues with winPE.

      Either way, what chipsets are you using?

  21. This CD got me past the network driver issue that was preventing my 64-bit machine from finding the WHS.

    Thank you SOOOO much. This saved my life and I am immensely grateful for your hard work putting it together.

    Take care!

  22. Hello Drashna!
    I would like to echo the sentiments of all the other users who successfully used XFiles Restore. My son has an HP laptop (got for Christmas). It runs Win7 X-64 Home Premium. The other day he did something to the OS which screwed it up. This morning I planned on restoring his laptop from WHS…a process I have don multiple times before with other laptops (but they were all 32-bit OS). Like the others it saw the NIC and SATA drivers but then couldn’t find WHS. I was fortunate to locate you through the WHS forum pretty quickly in my search for a solution. It worked like a charm and is presently restoring the laptop. I liked the way it auto-picked the volumes, saving me a few extra steps. I burned my iso to a bootable DVD and it worked flawlessly!! Thank you so much for your hard work and time. I will be donating to your cause!!!

  23. THANK YOU!!!! I tried everything to restore but nothing worked. I have a raid 1 windows 64 system which is a pain in the ass with restore and drivers YET WHS Client Restore 1.3 was the only thing that worked. THANK YOU!!!!

  24. Hi, I have a Samsung q330 laptop which I have backed up to my WHS V1 and now want to restore one of the backups. After putting in your 1.3 restore cd I get to the 3 choices, choose > 512 ram and it loads the windows files but then goes into a blank screen and the cd drive appears to be silent.

    On the samsung website the tech spec of the laptop says bith the hd and cd are sata.

    Is my only option to do the restore by taking the hard drive out and connecting to another machine?

  25. Hi..Is there a new link to download the client restore 1.3. I have tried the Torrent link mulitple times but it doesn’t download anything. The server install link works fine though.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  26. Seriously awesome work. Restored my wifes Acer Aspire 5742 after it had too be RMAd for a hardware fault. Shame MS don’t provide a working version, although the OS probably isn’t supported anymore so kind of understand why not. Thanks again 😉

    1. Thanks! And it’s not that Microsoft won’t, it’s that they can’t. The whole drivers, and licensing thing. But considering that they’ve never asked me to take down my files… And they know who I am. I *am* a MS MVP for WHS, after all. 🙂

  27. I just want to give a big thanks to you for your hard work! Your CD allowed me to restore my Dell Optiplex 755 after it crashed. For the longest time I was unable to get the regular restore CD to accept the network drivers I would provide. But yours had all the drivers I needed, installed automatically!


  28. Hi, I’m trying to restore my son’s Dell Inspiron 660s with a Realtek PCIe BGE Family Controller. The WHS Restore CD did not work (couldn’t see the home server), and I tried the X Files Edition Restore CD and got the same problem. With both CDs, the restore process seems to find a driver for the Realtek without me putting in a USB stick, so I’m not sure if it’s locating a 32-bit or 64-bit driver. I do have 32-bit drivers which I found on DriverPacks.net and Lenovo, but I don’t know how to force the restore process to use these drivers from my USB. I’ve tried scanning the USB drive and it tells me that it’s found drivers, but then I have the same problem – can’t find my home server. Any advice you have would be welcome! Thanks.

      1. Is there any way to get the Restore program to change from the driver it’s apparently finding on the Restore CD, to ones that I supply on the USB stick? That way at least I can try different ones to see if I can find one that works. The problem is I’m not sure what’s happening when it already has a driver and I ask it to scan for drivers…

        1. The easy answer: not really…

          Technically you can do that by supplying the driver, and having it’s INF file listed in a “drivers.lst” file. However, that doesn’t always work, and will skip the driver part.
          The other option is to use the Windows AIK to integrate the driver into the boot image directly. That’s what I’ve done for the restore disk, and if that’s not working… chances are, neither will the updated driver. 🙁

          A couple of other options are to get a USB NIC and restore using that… or move the HDD into another system and run the restore on that system.

          1. Thank you. The USB NIC is probably the easiest way to go – any recommendations as to brands (or brands to avoid)?

          2. I also forgot to mention that the computer was plugged into a WD LiveWire ethernet port – I didn’t think this should matter — should it? Thanks

          3. No, that shouldn’t make a difference. Though, I’d recommend trying with it not plugged in, and see.
            As for usb NICs… not really. I only have one, that was meant for my Wii. Aside from that, I don’t really have any experience with them.

  29. My HP Envy 14, Windows 8, hard disk blew after 1 month so it was repalced. Windows 8 doesn’t even recognise the M$ Restore Cd – Unbuntu worked fine. Is my only solution to try and install Windows 7 and then see if that is recognised and restore the Windows 8 backup?.
    Or is that an HP problem?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Have you tried the XFiles Restore disk?

      And I’m not sure what you mean by “doesn’t recognize it”. It’s an ISO. So you’d burn it, or mount it and extract the contents to a USB drive. After that, it doesn’t matter what OS is installed, because you’d be booting off the restore disk, which is runs off the WinPE OS.

      1. I will try your XFiles restore disk as the Laptop is an Ultrabook so getting the drive out will invalidate the warranty to do a manual restore.

        As for “not recognising” I burned the image and I can see all the files on the disk, inserted in to a USB CD ROM, made the CD #1 in Boot options but for some strange reason it won’t boot . I thought the Laptop/CD ROM was faulty and to test it, I tried to install a copy of Unbuntu – that copy was recognised. I am hoping that your XFiles will work!

        1. Movement forward as I now understand the BIOS better but after loading I got this message

          Windows Boot Manager
          Windows failed to start

          File ocz12xx.sys

          Status 0x0000098

          File is corrupt or missing

          I have a hybrid drive and it looks as if it that is a missing driver. Now where to get it?

          1. I am using 1.4. in desperation I tried the M$ restore CD which took me past the drivers issue – I had to download the drivers for restore from another PC connected to WHS. Now I have the situation where it is looking for the server but cannot find it neither automatically or manually. I even tried plugging into the back of the server via Ethernet cable and it still couldn’t find it!

            So close but so far – I can almost taste it

          2. I think I have made a fundamental mistake in using XFiles. I had it on a CD but now have copied the RAR files over to a USB stick. All I get now is a cursor flashing in the top left corner of a black screen.

            So now I have both CD drive and a USB stick inserted just trying to get this going but I get the same ocz12xx.sys message – file is missing or corrupted. If I press enter it goes into a loop. Seems to be a mission critical sys file missing.

            Panic and frustration are understatements.

          3. Have you tried using the 1.3 version? I added extra drivers to the 1.4 and it sounds like they don’t actually work/may be causing issues.

            Try using the 1.3 version and see if that works better.

            And what wired LAN Chipset, and motherboard chipset are in use on the computer that is having issues? That may help narrow down the specific issues.

  30. Sorry for a real stupid question. I just down loaded the RestoreCD_dual.rar file- now what do I do? Extract it to a CD? Does that automatically make it a bootable CD for the recovery process?

    1. Not a problem.

      You’ll need 7Zip or WinRAR to extract the file from the archive. But there should be a singe ISO file. You can use any burning software to burn the disk.
      Once you’ve burned the disk, put it into the client PC and boot from it.

      1. That worked great – client PC immediately recognized the server right away and completed the recovery. But now I have another problem. The new drive is a Seagate hybrid SSD and it appears that the client can’t find the drive or the OS. I’m getting a PXE-E61 Media Test Failure error. Could it be the bios firmware needs an update? The client is a Dell XPS from around 2010.

        1. I’m glad to hear that it worked well for you!

          As for the boot issue, check the boot order.
          The “PXE-E61” error is the system trying to boot from the network (aka PXE, which is network booting).
          The system will boot from the network adapter (PXE) as a last resort. If the disk is showing up correctly, then there may be other issues.

  31. That was the first thing I checked. I think it may be the BIOS can’t recognize the hybrid SSD drive. Any thoughts? I may go out and get a regular HD and see if that works.

    1. Worst case, do a clean install of windows to the drive. Verify that it will boot. If it does, then restore *just* the C:\ drive to the system, and overwrite the freshly installed C:\ drive. This should get things working properly.

      1. I went and got a regular HD and tried that – same result – can’t find the operating system. So I gave up and used the Dell system recovery disk on the hybrid SSD and it working like a charm except I’ll be reloading software for the rest of the week. Must have been something wrong with the WHS recovery process which pisses me off since that’s why I bought WHS in the first place – time to look for another backup solution. Thanks for all your help.

        1. Well, if it’s a UEFI system, that can happen.

          However, now that you have it recovered, I would HIGHLY recommend running the restore again, and see if that works now.
          That’s because I think the issue is actually the boot record and boot config database isn’t being properly generated for your system. A known issue. But since the recovery process should have correctly created that, restoring over the system should work.

  32. Drashna, You’ve saved me hours of investigation and your (V1.3) X files restore has succeeded in upgrading my HDD on my machine. My previous efforts kept failing to find the Nvidia Mirror driver but yours found it and loaded straightawy and enabled me to do a restore from a 1Tb RAID array to a 2Tb one – job done. I shall donate right now. Well done and many, Many thanks

  33. Drashna, I’ve just got a Dell XPS 13 and sadly it can’t find any network devices at all neither the inbuilt Dell Wireless 1560 802.11ac card nor a Digitus USB 3.0 to Ethernet adaptor so can’t restore. I suppose there’s no chance that you’d look at that is there?…

  34. Thank you for this wonderful disk you just made my life so much easier when restoring a computer on my network I’ll gladly donate to you for your services. I never knew I needed the 32-bit version of my drivers so thanks for that info and plus with this disk I don’t need to search for them at least for the last restore I just completed.

  35. HELP!!! I have a WHC on a HP DataVault 510. I got reports of completed backups every morning. Then I was getting Failed backup on my desktop – win7-64 with Realtek NIC. I am a rancher, not a computer guy…I have downloaded the .iso file (1.3 I think). It boots up, then I select Vista console, then a command prompt window appears with X:\Windows\Sytem32> WPE INIT, then another prompt appears X::\Windows\Sytem32> and the prompt just flashes – forever…..now the other part to this story is I have a Toshiba laptop (WIn7 64 with realtek nic), that lost a hard drve (this past January)…I worked my way through the thread, and created a bootable dvd that I labled PC Restore DVD, and at that time I found a post about what to expect when running 1.3, and it worked perfectly…I cannot find that link now, and the bootable .iso dvd is no longer bootable on the laptop or the desktop…..I don’t have time to waste continuing to flounder around….I will gladly pay someone to help get this all done…Please help! Thanks, Dale P. Texas

  36. SUCCESS….For all the non-techie guys out there (like me), I will go through what I learned…maybe it will help someone in desparate need to… download the .rar file at the top of this post where it says “RARed ISO: link”…click on the link download it to your download folder. The file downloaded is “RestoreCD_dual.rar”. You will need a “unzipper”…I found 7ZIp by googling “7zip” and download..be careful and don;t download tool bars and other junk from the 7Zip site….burn a dvd of the
    unzipped file named “.iso” which is an image of what you want on the DVD – it was too large for a CD on my system.
    Next you will need to find out what motherboard you have (if your network interface card is built into the mother board as all of mine are. You can do this from your keyboard by following this link
    Now google drivers for the motherboard by make and model. try to go to the manfacturer’s website. Download “CHipset” drivers for Vista 32. Down load the file…don;t run ithe file if it is a .exe. You will need to unzip it i a folder, with all kinds of files inside the folder – look for extensions like ..ini.or .oem…copy this folder to a memory stick….

    Now you are ready…make sure your target computer (client) is hard connected to your lan where the WHS server is located (no wireless).

    put the memory stick in a USB 2.0 ONLY…the USB 3.0 will not work, and the plastice insode the 3.0 is ble…look for a black one…

    Put the Bootable dvd into the dvd drive…power up the target computer….it shudl bring up a screen with something like restore with less than 512mb, and a line for more than 512mb, and then another line something about vista console…select 512mb or more (the second choice)…

    then the program will work for a little bit then show you what storage and network cards it found…even if it shows your network card, click the tab to install custom drivers (or somehting like that)….it will then look thru your memory stick and HOPEFULLY say it found new drivers for your hardware…if so click OK, then continue…hopefully the screen saying something about trying to loacte server will only be there for a few seconds, and the program will then ask for your server password…VOILLA!!!..just follwo the restore instruction form there…..

    Thank you Drasna for the files…and I am not trying to insult anybody here..but you guys see, so familiar with I.T. that I just didn;t understand the threads…maybe this simplified instruction will help the next guy is is as unfamiliar with this kind of detail – like I am!!!!! It finally worked for me…perfectly!!!! Thank you!!!

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