Vail’s Finally Here… In Part

Now that “Windows Home Server 2011” (Vail), Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials (Aurora), and Windows Storage Server 2011 Essentials (Breckenridge) have hit RTM, there have been a lot of buzz about them. But what does that mean for me?

Mainly, it means that I need to download and install the Windows 7 AIK instead of the Vista version. Why? Because it’s based on the Server 2008R2 codebase which still lacks a *lot* of the newer drivers, such as the Intel ICH10R chipset drivers.

Will we be adding a lot of software and such to the images? That’s a very good question. There aren’t a whole lot of programs that really need to be or that we feel *should* be added to the image. But we shall see.

Author: Drashna Jael're

Drashna Jael're

8 thoughts on “Vail’s Finally Here… In Part”

  1. I’ve been diffing WHS 2011 and 2008 R2. The WHS software appears to be x86. I’m working on porting it to Server 2008 x86. Hopefully I’ll have a proof-of-concept in a few weeks…

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled on your website in my last act of desparation to find out how I can reliably restore my client PCs (with Realtec NICs) using WHS V1 (not Vail). I am debating between the following options and I so hope that you can help me:
    1) Upgrade to Vail if it actually restores backups without all the NIC problems of not seeing my server
    2) Use a disk I noticed you provide, but don’t know anything about
    3) Sell the server and just do backups locally on the PCs.
    I would greatly appreciate your opinion/help!

  3. Mike, check our the client restore disk, it should solve your realtek driver issues. The generic ones don’t work, but the ones used with my modified version do work, and work well!

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