Some Nice Things to Know About Windows Deployment Services

Based on a coversation with a friend online, I had to check something out. And it appears that all versions of Windows Deployment Services (well, maybe not the Server 2003/WHSv1 version, but I’m not sure) does not actually require a properly configured DHCP server on the network. It works just fine with the one built into your router. And there is no need to install the DHCP server role on your server either.

Why is this awesome news? Because if you are one of those people that likes to leave their server off or in standby when not in use, then this will work great. You don’t have to worry about your network not being accessible when the server is off, or having to flash some third party firmware just to get it to work. All you have to do is install the WDS role.

And why would you want that on your server? Because you can install Windows over the network, or boot any WinPE based image over the network. Without any disks needed (such as EaseUS Partition Master or Data Recovery Wizard), or hack the Client restore disk image, and boot that over the network. And have I mentioned that Server 2012R2 Essentials has added that last bit as an official feature? Good to know that three generations after I started doing this myself that Microsoft has finally caught on to this being a good idea.

Author: Drashna Jael're

Drashna Jael're

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