Sophos Copernicus

If you’re wondering why I don’t have a bunch of new guides for Sophos UTM out, that’s because there is a new version of it being worked on and released in the near future (Q1 of 2016 is expected for the release period).

It is a huge and significant overhaul to the UI and the entire system. Things such as the web filter are supposed to be significantly more efficient (less load time delays).

You can find the beta for download, but I don’t plan on releasing any more guides until it’s closer to release.

Author: Drashna Jael're

Drashna Jael're

4 thoughts on “Sophos Copernicus”

  1. Thank you for the update. I wonder how stable is the new Beta of the Sophos UTM. I have enough of the current GUI, cant wait for the new one!

  2. Hi – just wanted to say I appreciate the guides to date, was curious if there were plans for the latest Sophos XG firewall since its apparently out of beta?

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for the Sophos UTM guides. Yours are the best I have read. They are perfect for what the home user is struggling with. Hopefully, I can return the favor some day..

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