This is my personal site, and hosted not only on my personal server, but on my personal internet connection. So the site is very personal!

I’m a fan of technology, and am obsessive about my Tech.  I’ve been using computers since the 80286.  While I have not used every type of tech, I’ve used about every version of Windows. Yes, including version 1.0! I’m pretty much an expert on Windows, but by far am not “The Expert”.  I know there is plenty that I don’t know.  But I like learning, and I love fixing computers. And I love building and prepping computers for people.  I also try to keep an open mind about all things Tech.  If I didn’t, I’d still be stating how Vista/7 suck and using XP. I’d also not be using (and loving) Android.  However, based on my usage and knowledge of all things Apple, I will never use nor want anything that Apple has produced.

I’m also a huge nerd! I have actively play Dungeons & Dragons, oWoD, Dresden Files RPG, and a few other things.  I’ve played 3.0, 3.5 and 4e and find that 3.5 is the best when it comes to actual game play and balance.  4e has great balance, but no actual decent game play (unless you like grinding in MMO’s, which I hate). 3.0 has great game play, but lacks a lot of balance (especially in the prestige classes!)  I enjoy gaming, especially with friends.

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  1. Hi Drashna,

    Like you I really like computers but the more I work with them, the less I think I know about them. You have already commented to a post I have about my hosed WHSv1. I am going to try to transfer whatever files I can salvage to Windows Server 2012 r2 Essentials.

    I have downloaded the program from MS and am working on the 6 month free trail and will most likely purchase when it becomes available.

    After I got the program installed, I don’t see any instructions on how you would add computers for daily backups or in general, just how to use the program. WHSv1 was very user friendly. Have you developed any instructions on how to install client computers for backup?

    Thank you for your response.

  2. Bill,

    Sorry for the really delayed response.
    To install the connector software, just head to “http://servername/connect/” to set up everything.

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