New X:\Files Editions

So yes, I’ve decided to do a new version for X:\Files Edition. Namely. an update for WHS2011, and Server 2012 (and R2) Essentials. There are some challenges though. I want to be headless as possible, […]

Some Nice Things to Know About Windows Deployment Services

Based on a coversation with a friend online, I had to check something out. And it appears that all versions of Windows Deployment Services (well, maybe not the Server 2003/WHSv1 version, but I’m not sure) […]

WHS Client Restore v1.4

Due to a build up of enough “missing drivers” in the client restore disk, I’ve updated and re-released the X:\Files Edition Client Restore disk. This should contain most, if not all the missing drivers that people have […]

Another reason to like SBS2011E: Client Restore simplicity

If you were not away of the feature, WHS2011 and SBS2011E can create a boot-able client restore disk from the dashboard. That alone is a nice feature. Terry has covered that feature over at We […]

Building Your Own X:\Files Edition disks – Part I

I know that it’s been a while since I’d promised tutorials on how to do this, so sorry for that.  And it’s been a while since a new update. But I think it’s more prudent if I post instructions here on how to build the disks yourself, and customize what exactly happens (within the bounds of what WHS will let you do).  So let me get started on that.