T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Issues with Sophos UTM

For those of you that may not be familiar with T-Mobile, one of the features that they offer (tout really) is their wi-fi calling.  It’s a great feature, especially if you live in an area with […]

Sophos XG Firewall Port Forwarding

Like in previous posts, I’m skipping the normal “junk” (installation). I’ll come back to it later, but I want to cover this right away. The reason for this, is that the port forwarding (NAT) section is …. beyond confusing, and I think completely unnecessary.

To anyone from Sophos reading this, please, fix the UI. It’s broke, stupid and actively harms your user base. Unless the goal is to force administrators to pay for training on how to use the clusterfuck that is the new UI …. you’re completely failed here. COMPLETELY.

When it Rains

So, recently, I’ve been having issues with my server. It occasionally randomly reboots, and then fails to boot back up until I’ve powered it off for a few minutes. This isn’t good in any sense of the word. Something very wrong is happening here, and it needs to be addressed.

The up side is that when it fails to boot back up, it does have a boot code, and that indicates the issue. Specifically, it appears to be a System Timer issue, or possibly a RAM issue. As the issue is new, I seriously doubt its RAM, and I’ve already ran a full 3 pass memory test. So I’m pretty confident that it’s this “System Timer” issue, which means the board is trash and needs to be tossed/RMAed.


Why is that the most important choices in life so very simple, but so very hard to actually follow through with?

The Current State of Humanity

The recent shooting, and the conflicts that have arisen because of it remind me of something that I’ve felt strongly for a while. The problem/solution isn’t gun control. It isn’t Health care. it isn’t mental health (directly). […]