Sophos Copernicus

If you’re wondering why I don’t have a bunch of new guides for Sophos UTM out, that’s because there is a new version of it being worked on and released in the near future (Q1 […]

WHS Client Restore v1.4

Due to a build up of enough “missing drivers” in the client restore disk, I’ve updated and re-released the X:\Files Edition Client Restore disk. This should contain most, if not all the missing drivers that people have […]

WHS Client Restore 1.3

Due to a build up of enough “missing drivers” in the client restore disk, I’ve updated and re-released the XFiles Edition Client Restore disk.  This should contain most, if not all the missing drivers that people have reported. If it doesn’t, please leave a comment with the specific chipset, and if possible a link to the successful version you used.

XFiles Edition – Server Installation v1.5.5

Doing some exploring, I’ve found a solution to the updates problem that we were having.  So now, the ISO is updated to all but a few of the fewest updates. A couple of updates just didn’t want to install. Either by being integrated, or run later.  But we have approximately 80 updates installed, without issue.  Along with a lot of drivers.  A few people had issues with it BSoDing, but hopefully it will be fixed. I used some other drivers, and it seems how I integrated them caused issues. But them being updated should have fixed that. And most importantly, I’ve used the “Power Pack 3” OEM disk hack to make sure you get PP3. Ironically, this is the only available PP3 OEM disk that you can obtain! But it should eliminate any and all issues with “cqvSvc.exe” issues that pop up a lot.


WHS Client Restore v1.2

With the release of Power Pack 3, updated media was released. Included in this media refresh was the Client Restore Disk. Specifically, a number of improvements have been made to the server discovery routines to better identify the server. And I believe, also to more accurately display the progress. Either way, this means that I need to rebuild the X:Files Edition Client Restore Disk. The drivers have been updated again, specifically chipsets (907), lan (907) and mass storage (907). Also WLAN (812.3) support has been added for those wanting to grind their molars as they wait for wireless speeds. Additionally, we’ve added a Vista boot image that loads up a command prompt. This has access to a lot of the windows tools, such as diskpart, chkdsk, bcdedit, format, bootsect, and many others.  This isn’t a fully featured “LiveCD” at the moment, but it is there to make the Recovery Disk a more robust, useful tool. Not just a restore disk.  Now if only we could get Microsoft to see this light!   Oh well. It keeps me busy in the meanwhile! Download of both the ISO and the flash drive archive and MD5 checksums here.