Migrating away from Windows Home Server v1

I’ve been an avid support of Window Home Server since the first day I heard about it, and have supported v1 for a very long time. But it’s finally time to move on. Thanks to a friend, I’ve had a chance to play with a few different options out there in virtual machines, and I’ve found the solution for me. That’s Small Business Server 2011 Essentials.  I’ll go over the change and what I’m liking in it, but first I’m going to go over the options I didn’t choose.


XFiles Edition – Server Installation v1.5.5

Doing some exploring, I’ve found a solution to the updates problem that we were having.  So now, the ISO is updated to all but a few of the fewest updates. A couple of updates just didn’t want to install. Either by being integrated, or run later.  But we have approximately 80 updates installed, without issue.  Along with a lot of drivers.  A few people had issues with it BSoDing, but hopefully it will be fixed. I used some other drivers, and it seems how I integrated them caused issues. But them being updated should have fixed that. And most importantly, I’ve used the “Power Pack 3” OEM disk hack to make sure you get PP3. Ironically, this is the only available PP3 OEM disk that you can obtain! But it should eliminate any and all issues with “cqvSvc.exe” issues that pop up a lot.


X:Files Edition – Server Installation v1.5

Well, it’s finally here! No seriously, we’ve finished it.


Direct Download: link

Torrent: linkdownload

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