T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Issues with Sophos UTM

For those of you that may not be familiar with T-Mobile, one of the features that they offer (tout really) is their wi-fi calling.  It’s a great feature, especially if you live in an area with […]

Learning to use Sophos’ Firewall

Previously I talked about, well how awesome the firewall and intrusion countermeasures in Sophos are. And I didn’t get to how to actually configure them because of the shear amount of content I covered.

This time, we’re going to walk through how to add services to the firewall, and how to lock down or allow traffic through Sophos (your firewall). This includes how to enable Sophos to do the normal “Consumer Router firewall” stuff, as some people are “too lazy*” to set this up properly.


Why is that the most important choices in life so very simple, but so very hard to actually follow through with?

A Lot Learned

I’ve been cleaning a lot lately. Both in a physical manner, and in a mental/emotional manner.  A good friend commented that the reason I’ve been cleaning (physically at least), is because it gives me a […]

Well, Today sucked

Recently, I’d found, well, been invited to a group that plays Magic the Gathering, by a friend of mine. I’d missed a couple weeks, due to being sick. But I was able to go last […]