URL Rewriting for IIS (Windows Server)

As many of these posts are, this is in part to document the process for myself. ¬†However, for anyone running IIS as their web server (such as for Windows Home Server or Windows Server Essentials), […]

Sophos and a Draconian Firewall

As I said previously, I am going to talk more about Sophos and my adventures with it.

The first part that I need to address is Sophos’ firewall. It’s beyond awesome. But the phrase “draconian” is an absolutely accurate description. During the initial setup wizard, Sophos ask you what services you want to allow by default. The default services it configures Remote Access (RDP, VNC, etc), Instant Messaging, VoIP, Email and Web Surfing. You can select any combination of these services.

Migrating away from Windows Home Server v1

I’ve been an avid support of Window Home Server since the first day I heard about it, and have supported v1 for a very long time. But it’s finally time to move on. Thanks to a friend, I’ve had a chance to play with a few different options out there in virtual machines, and I’ve found the solution for me. That’s Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. ¬†I’ll go over the change and what I’m liking in it, but first I’m going to go over the options I didn’t choose.


X:Files Edition – Server Installation v1.5

Well, it’s finally here! No seriously, we’ve finished it.


Direct Download: link

Torrent: linkdownload

To read more […]

Welcome to the X:Files Edition’s new home

Now that we got this up and running, let me take a bit to talk about the site.

This site was donated to us originally just for hosting the X:Files Edition files. Originally, that was enough. But with recent issues, I realized that I needed a more permanent solution for the blog and release information. So, I asked if we could host this there too. Well, obviously, the answer was yes.